Southland Region

Southland offers great hunting for waterfowl, with vast areas of pastoral-based agriculture producing a large population of ducks. As a consequence the region has the most consistent mallard hunting in New Zealand.

The Southland Plains are bisected by four major rivers, the Aparima, Waiau, Oreti and Mataura. However, these represent just the starting point in a huge variety of fishing opportunities throughout the province. When you consider the dozens of smaller rivers and streams, as well as the lakes, it’s not too surprising that Southland has the highest participation in angling per capita of any region in New Zealand.

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Southland News

Southland Reel Life FEB 2017

In this month’s Reel Life article, field officer Cohen Stewart interviews retired fishing guide and honorary ranger Len Prentice to find out how the average angler can make their fishing trip to the upper Mataura more successful.


Southland Reel Life JAN 2017

Trout love to get their teeth around a mouse given the opportunity and a good number of mice in the diet of trout can encourage serious growth.


Southland Reel Life NOV 2016

At the moment, if you ask a whitebait fisherman how he is getting on, chances are he will say a few swear words and show you a pile of smelt.


Oreti River Valley Environment Court decision

Environment Court Judge J E Borthwick's full decision on the Oreti River valley is available for download by concerned anglers.